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Earn a Certificate: How much you know about Indian Elections?
An initiative of CEO, Delhi under ECI's SVEEP Programme.

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VVPAT Awareness Film
Millennium Voters Reg.
National Election Quiz: Inter School Contest 2017-2018
Mainstreaming of Electoral Literacy : Establishment of Electoral Literacy Clubs in Schools, Colleges, and Communities-reg

Draft Electoral Roll w.r.t. 01.01.2018 published.


  • For inclusion of name in the voter list, use Form 6   (Online/Offline)
  • For change in the Assembly Constituency, use Form 6    (Online/Offline)
  • For enrolment of overseas electors, use Form 6A    (Online/Offline)
  • For deletion and objection of an entry in draft electoral roll, use Form 7   
    (Online /Offline)
  • For correction of particulars in electoral roll, use Form 8    (Online/Offline)
  • For change of address within the Assembly Constituency, use Form 8A   
Frequently asked questions Helpline: 1950
   "हम, भारत के नागरिक, लोकतंत्र में अपनी पूर्ण आस्था रखते हुए यह शपथ लेते हैं कि हम अपने देश की लोकतांत्रिक परम्पराओं की मर्यादा को बनाए रखेंगे तथा स्वतंत्र, निष्पक्ष एवं शांतिपूर्ण निर्वाचन की गरिमा को अक्षुण्ण रखते हुए, निर्भीक होकर धर्म, वर्ग, जाति, समुदाय भाषा अथवा अन्य किसी भी प्रलोभन से प्रभावित हुए बिना सभी निर्वाचनों में अपने मताधिकार का प्रयोग करेंगे।"

    “We, the citizens of India, having abiding faith in democracy, hereby pledge to uphold the democratic traditions of our country and the dignity of free, fair and peaceful elections, and to vote in every election fearlessly and without being influenced by considerations of religion, race, caste, community, language or any inducement.”